Reasons To Choose A 4-Prong Ring Setting

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The prong setting is the most commonly used option in engagement rings, as it offers better visibility for your stone. There are different types of prong settings including 4-prong, 6-prong, and v-prong settings. The 4-prong setting uses four claw-like structures (prongs) to hold the stone, whereas, the number of prongs will be six for the 6-prong setting. For a v-prong ring, the prongs will be arranged in a v shape to hold the stone by its corners.

Each of these settings has its own pros and cons. While the 4-prong setting can help to accentuate the brilliance and sparkle of the stone, the other two settings offer better protection for your gemstones. Hence, you have to choose a setting based on your lifestyle and specific requirements.

Why Choose 4-Prong Setting?

A lot of people prefer the 4-prong setting for their engagement rings because of the stunning sparkle it can offer. The following are some of the reasons for you to choose a 4-prong ring:

It Is Simple

The 4-prong setting can be a great option for people who want simple engagement ring designs. As there are only four claws to hold the stone, it reduces the amount of metal required for the ring. This can give a simple look to your ring.

It Can Complement The Shape Of The Stone

A four-prong setting is highly versatile, as it can accommodate any diamond shape. It complements round, princess, cushion, pear, marquise, and all other diamond shapes that are commonly used in engagement rings.

It Allows Light To Enter The Stone

Whether your ring carries natural or lab grown diamonds, it is important for the light to hit the stone for them to exhibit brilliance and sparkle. As a 4-prong ring has a minimum amount of metal covering the diamond, it facilitates the entry of light without any interruption. Therefore, your diamond will be able to showcase a stunning sparkle if you choose a four-prong ring.

It Can Be Easy To Clean

As a four-prong ring is very simple, it is easy for you to clean and maintain the ring. Also, the chance of dirt getting trapped is very low for this ring.

It Can Reveal The Diamond

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

The 4-prong setting can ensure better visibility for the stone. This can be helpful to showcase your bigger diamonds in a fantastic way. Additionally, this ring setting can make your smaller diamond look bigger than it really is.

But when buying a four-prong setting, be aware that this setting provides less security to your diamond when compared to other types of prong settings.

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