Highly Durable Stones For Your Engagement Rings

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Most people prefer gemstones with great durability for their engagement rings, as they are intended for everyday use. Therefore, these stones should be able to withstand the pressure and stress resulting from your everyday activities. There is a wide range of gemstones that come with high durability. They can be a great choice for people who lead an active lifestyle. The following are some of the best gemstones for you to consider if you want them to have great durability:


Nothing can beat these precious gemstones when it comes to durability and strength. They create the perfect choice for people who are looking for stones that can withstand great pressure. Diamonds are also known for their gentle white sparkle and soft, neutral look in comparison with other colored gemstones.

There are lab grown diamonds that are less expensive than their mined counterparts. These synthetic stones also have the same durability and strength as natural diamonds. Hence, they can be a less expensive and durable alternative to natural diamonds.

But when getting diamonds, you have to know that certain diamond shapes can be easily vulnerable to damage. Some of them include princess-cut, pear-cut, and marquise-cut diamonds that come with sharp and pointed edges. Additionally, diamonds with high amounts of inclusions can also be more prone to damage.


Moissanite is also a colorless stone that is created to imitate the look of diamonds. These stones are very cost-effective than real diamonds. A lot of people prefer these stones for their affordability and great similarity to diamonds.

Moissanite stones are also very durable and they won’t crack or chip easily. So if you cannot afford diamonds, moissanite can be a wonderful choice for you to consider.


Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Sapphires are the next best option after diamonds and moissanites when it comes to durability. Blue sapphires are popular in jewelry, but this gemstone comes in a wide variety of other colors too including pink and purple.

Sapphires create a great option for people who want a distinct look for their engagement rings.

In addition to sapphires, you can get a wide range of other durable colored gemstones. Some of them include onyx, emerald, ruby, etc. With their vivid and vibrant colors, these stones make a distinct and unique choice for your engagement ring. Additionally, these stones are also very durable, which makes them suitable for everyday use.

But it is better to avoid gemstones like pearls if you prefer to wear your engagement ring on a daily basis, as they can get damaged easily.

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