Why Choose Yellow Diamonds For Your Engagement Ring

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Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

A lot of people today go for engagement rings with colored stones because of their unique look and great symbolism. There is a wide range of colors available for you in diamonds and yellow is one of the best options among them. Yellow diamonds can create a perfect choice for your engagement rings for the following reasons:

It Carries Great Symbolism

The yellow color in diamonds represents happiness, optimism, and love, which makes it a wonderful choice for engagement rings. Yellow is also considered fun and cheerful color and is associated with knowledge, wisdom, and intellect.

They Create A Great Investment

Even though the yellow color is more common in diamonds when compared to many other colors, they are still rare, especially those with higher carat weights and intense colors.  So yellow diamonds can be a wonderful investment option for you.

Available In A Variety Of Shapes

Yellow diamonds are available in different shapes including cushion, pear, marquise, etc. Hence, this gives you the freedom to choose a shape you like the best for your engagement ring.

But don’t expect to see round yellow diamonds. The round cut is designed to enhance the brilliance of colorless diamonds. But this shape does not accentuate the stunning colors of colored diamonds. Hence, the round cut is not commonly used for colored diamonds.

They Are Affordable

Yellow diamonds can be more affordable than colorless diamonds. Also, they are less expensive than many other colors in diamonds. Therefore, if you want colored diamonds for cheaper rates, yellow is one of the best options you can consider.

Natural, Lab-Grown, And Treated Yellow Diamonds Are Available

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Your option is not just limited to the costly natural diamonds when it comes to yellow diamonds. It is also possible for you to get yellow lab grown diamonds that come for more affordable rates.

Additionally, treated yellow diamonds are also available that have undergone heat treatments to improve the color. They are also cheaper than natural yellow diamonds.

Therefore, when getting yellow diamonds, make sure to get diamond certificates to find out whether they are natural, treated, or lab-grown.

Yellow Diamonds Can Be A Perfect Option For Heirlooms

If you are planning to pass down your ring through generations as an heirloom, then yellow diamonds create a perfect choice for you. Their unique hue and extravagant look can create a perfect piece for your heirloom.

So if you want something unique for your engagement ring, then yellow diamonds can be a wonderful option for you.

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