How To Choose A Three-Stone Engagement Ring

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Three-stone rings, which are also known as trinity rings, feature three stones arranged in a row instead of a big single center stone. Usually, the stones on the sides will be slightly smaller than the center diamond. It creates a stunning and symbolic option for your engagement rings.

Three-stone rings are believed to symbolize the past, present, and future of your relationship. The three-stone ring also carries great religious significance. So if you prefer your engagement ring to have a special meaning, then this can be a wonderful option for you to consider.

When getting a three-stone engagement ring, there are certain important factors you have to notice to make sure that you get the perfect ring. Some of them are mentioned below so that you can get the best three-stone engagement ring.

The Color Grade

If you prefer to add colorless stones to your engagement ring, then it is important for you to consider their color grade. It is better to avoid a huge variation between the color grades of your center stone and side stones. If your center stone is purely colorless, but the side stones have a yellow tint, then it can be noticed easily, as these stones will be arranged close to each other.

If the center stone has a color grade between D and F, then it is better to choose side stones within the grade I. Otherwise, a mismatch ofcolor can occur thereby reducing the appeal of your engagement ring.

The Carat Weight

Usually, the carat weight of the center stone will be slightly higher than the side stones. To keep your ring symmetrical, it is better to avoid getting side stones that are extremely smaller than the center stone.

The Budget

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Getting a three-stone ring can be more affordable than buying a solitaire ring with a bigger center stone. For example, a single stone with a weight of 1 carat will be more costly than three diamonds whose combined weight is 1 carat. This allows you to save a significant amount on your ring. Additionally, you can get lab grown diamonds for your three-stone ring to make it more affordable.

Adding Colored Stones

Choosing a three-stone ring gives you the liberty to experiment with different color combinations. You can choose colored diamonds or other gemstones to add a pop of color to your ring.

There are endless options for you to choose from if you prefer a three-stone ring, as there is a wide variety of designs available with this particular ring setting. You can also create customized three-stone rings by adding your favorite stones and color.

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