Secrets To Buy Affordable Diamonds

Artificial Diamonds
Artificial Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Buying diamonds can be a costly affair because of the huge price tags associated with these gemstones. Even though a lot of people dream to get diamonds for their engagement rings, it might not be possible for everyone because of the huge amount they will have to spend on these stones. But if you know some tips and tricks, you can get the best diamonds at affordable rates. The following are some of the secrets in the diamond industry to get better diamonds for less money:

Carat Weight Does Not Necessarily Mean Size

Many people assume that the size of diamonds can increase with carat weight. But this might not be true all the time. The size of a diamond can be greatly dependent on how the diamond is cut. When the depth of the diamond is more than the top surface area, then it can look smaller than a diamond that has a lower depth and a broader top surface area even if both weigh the same. When buying diamonds, don’t be tricked by their carat weights.

You can compare different diamonds of the same carat weight to know the size difference. Also, in some cases, a diamond with a 0.90-carat weight can have the same size as a 1-carat diamond because of the differences in their cut. So don’t assume that you can get bigger diamonds just because they have higher carat weights.

Lab Grown Diamonds Are Not Inferior

No one can tell the difference between lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds with naked eyes. If you are on a budget, then lab grown diamonds can be your best friend, as they are available for much lower prices. Lab grown diamonds shine like natural diamonds and they are real diamonds too. Hence, it is better to go for these eco-friendly stones to save money if you are not adamant about getting natural stones.

Choose The Color Grade Wisely

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

If you prefer yellow gold to mount your diamonds, then getting diamonds with high color grades will be obsolete, as the color of the metal can affect the appearance of your stone. You can save a great amount by choosing lower color grades for your diamond if you are planning to set it on a yellow gold mounting.

Use FluorescenceTo Your Benefit

Fluorescence is considered a flaw, however, it might be noticeable in your diamonds in most cases even for trained eyes. So if you get a diamond with fluorescence, you can save a comparable amount without worrying about affecting the appearance of the stone.

When you visit a jewelry store to get diamonds, make sure to consider these tips to get the best stones for your budget.

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