Prong Setting Or Bezel Setting: Which One Should You Choose?

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Bezel setting and prong setting are two settings that are popularly used in diamond rings. Both these ring settings are elegant but they have their unique features. Before selecting any of these settings, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of both settings. Here we are discussing different aspects of prong and bezel setting and after reading this article, you can finalize the ring setting that best suits your engagement ring.

Prong Setting

In its simplest form, four metal pins at equal distances around the diamond grip the stone in its place. These prongs catch the diamond like a claw. You can also find 6-prong settings and 8-prong settings, but they are not as common as the four-prong setting.

Pros And Cons Of Prong Setting

The major advantage of the prong setting is that it offers maximum visibility to your diamond. Prongs are thin and they allow ample light to enter the diamond and help in maximizing the sparkle of the diamond. A prong setting can cause an illusion of an elevated diamond, which means that you will feel that the stone is above the shoulders of the ring.

A prong setting exposes your diamond and might not very well protect your diamond from damage. You should take extra care not to bump your diamond ring anywhere as it can cause chipping of your diamond. Also, prongs might snag your clothes making the prongs loose. You have to visit your jeweler frequently for tightening your prongs or else you may lose the diamond from the ring.

Bezel Ring Setting

A bezel is a ring of metal that surrounds the entire circumference of the diamond instead of using a claw-like mechanism to attach the stone.

Pros And Cons Of Bezel Ring Setting

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

The diamond in a bezel setting is very well shielded from potential harm. If the stone is struck, the ring is much more likely to absorb the blow and thereby offer protection to the stone.

Bezel ring settings are not as popular as prong setting mainly because bezel ring setting has a bulky appearance. Moreover, the bezel setting reduces the light entering the diamond and may decrease the sparkle of the diamond.

Appearance or security: which is your utmost priority? If it is appearance go for the prong setting and if it is security, go for the bezel setting.

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